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Mineral Powders Natural Mineral Makeup is the latest and greatest trend in women's health and beauty to come along in a long time. While seen as simply a cosmetic trend by some, it has become a health, wellness, and service mission by one company in particular. The company is Ada Cosmetics and it is the premiere mineral makeup company for women of color and for all women. (source: Ada Cosmetics)

The following is an interview with the President of Ada Cosmetics, Sharon Kinnier, and with the Vice President Nana Anu Is making cosmetics a part of either of your backgrounds?

Sharon Kinnier: No.

Nana Anu: No.

BBc: How did you come to engage in this particular business?

Kinnier: My company Botanical Skin Works started out making natural bath and beauty products including soaps, bath gels, skin creams, and a variety of other products; in doing so our commitment was to manufacture products that were safe and health oriented for which we became successful, that is in the manufacturing side. Over time I became aware of Mineral Makeup including some of its health benefits. During my research and investigation of Mineral cosmetics I realized that none of the companies I came across, and these were all large companies, made shades for Black people or people of color. I'm chocolate colored yet it appeared the darkest color they produced might just work for a light-skinned Black person or other People of Color, so after getting over my anger and being pissed-off at the thought of us being neglected I decided there and then to begin manufacturing Mineral Makeup for Black people and all People of Color, including Caucasians.

adPicture BBc: How could you just jump into making makeup? Doesn't it require some special knowledge and skill, and equipment even?

Sharon: Yes, there are some special requirements, however my background includes chemistry and biochemistry, and I was already in the business of manufacturing so it was a matter of doing the research, very extensive research, and acquiring the necessary equipment and beginning the R & D process…you know, trial and error, till I came up with the right products.

BBc: How did you know you had the right product?

Sharon: For one thing I deconstructed the products that were out there; I talked to a lot of women to understand what they wanted and about the cosmetics they were using and what was not working for them. One thing I noticed was the Mineral makeup from the companies out there created all kinds of Issues for People of Color like ashy and dry skin looks; also the make for some was very 'cakie', giving an effect like wet clay. For women in general I discovered that most of the companies used chemicals, ingredients that were not natural or healthy for the skin. See, you must take into consideration that human skin is the largest living organ on the human body; in a manner of speaking, it eats and breathes like other parts of the body. No matter what you put on your skin some of it gets absorbed by the skin, that's what I meant when I said it eats. The skin also breathes, so if you put anything on it that prevents it from breathing then you've created a problem. Of course I addressed these concerns while manufacturing skin-care products. So, to make a long story short, I didn't have any fear going into manufacturing Mineral Makeup and my background gave me a foundation to build on.

mineralMakeUp BBc: So, what is the right product and how does what you offer differ from the others, or the competition?

Sharon: Well, for one our product is all natural, meaning that it is chemical free; that instead of harming the skin Mineral Makeup in fact improves the health of the skin. Also, we have shades for every complexion on the planet! Most importantly we've gotten reviews from around the world from Black people, other People of Color and from Caucasians that it is the best product they have used in comparison to all the others. I think another feather in our cap is that several of these companies are now looking at what we do as the manufacturing standard. However, not the least endorsement came from my partner Nana, who used to direct her patients to me for the natural skin-care products. She used the product, and gathered feedback from her former patients. When she told me along with everything else I knew we had it.

BBc: Where you always partners in business?

Nana: No.

BBc: From referring patients to becoming partners, how did this happen?

Nana: As a holistic doctor I saw and treated a lot of skin conditions; when I met Sharon through one of my employees I learned of her products. I tested them and talked with her about them and realized they were safe products so I would direct patients, especially those with skin conditions or sensitive skin to use them instead of those that were not made with natural ingredients and or were creating skin problems. I've known Sharon for a few years, and I've carried her products at my office and in my store. I came to partner with Sharon indirectly; I guess you could say it was fate. I retired from medical practice…we were constantly talking about her venture into manufacturing Mineral Makeup, a topic that somehow always involved health concerns and color. While I was looking to get back to being an active artist I recognized that manufacturing Mineral Makeup involved one of the things that I loved to do - playing with colors. I volunteered to assist in exchange for the opportunity to play…with the colors I mean, and our business partnership grew from there.

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