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Spot-Light on Ada Cosmetics (cont.)

BBc: How do you see Ada Cosmetics from your medical background?

Nana: Well, for twenty-three years of practice as a holistic doctor I did nothing but prescribe natural products including vitamins and herbal supplements to my patients. My healing mission has been about empowering people to stay healthy by way of Nature's own remedies, therefore the professional relationship that developed between us and our two companies was natural…enjoy the pun.

BBc: But, from Holistic Doctor to Manufacturer could…

Nana: Let me stop you right there. I know what you're going to ask, and no it was not a great or dramatic change for me. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm a physician and an artist, I also do numerous other things in life that might seem unrelated it you were doing them as a profession yet they aren't…what I mean is that human beings have the capacity for great diversity and I'm using mine.

BBc: Point well taken…. So you went from "playing with the colors" to doing what now?

Nana: Let me say this first… We, African people were using mineral makeup since ancient time…since before Kemet (so-called Egypt), we were the first to use Mineral Makeup and it is only natural that we not be neglected or uninvolved in its resurgence. Now! About the colors…I'm still playing in them; I formulate colors to match complexions, I formulate to improve on our product, and I, like Sharon, do everything else, because the only real difference between us is that she is the company President and I am the Vice President. So you name it, whatever the company needs having done one or both of us are doing it, or one of our staff people.

BBc: Just what is the story with Mineral Makeup? And how does it differ from other Makeup?

Sharon: As the name says its crushed minerals that are reduced to a fine powder and further processed to produce the colors that match and enhance a person's appearance. It differs from other types of makeup because it is not artificial and made from chemicals. Ada Cosmetics Mineral Makeup wears without running, caking, clogging, or turning ashy; and we're doctor approved.

Nana: Yeah…and the makeup also promotes healthy skin and aids in repairing skin damaged from artificial and chemical makeup.

BBc: I understand that your company is getting a lot of press…that you are about to become larger than life?

Sharon: I don't know about being larger than life, though I certainly look forward to growing.

BBc: Where can a potential customer find your products in this area?

Sharon: Most customers purchase from our Internet site at; in fact if they go there they can get a listing of the stores we are in.

BmoreBlack.Com thanks you for this interview and wishes you and your company great success.

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