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Why BmoreBlack.Com

In 2003 The U.S. Census indicateded there were more than thirty-thousand (30,000) Black Owned Businesses between Washington, DC, Baltimore City and the surrounding counties. However, try finding them! For the same time and geographic area Black people spent more that fourteen-billion dollars into the local economy with less than one-billion staying in the Black community. Our research, and these facts, caused us to take a critical look at what was happening with Black Businesses and Black Consumers. We learned the following: Back to Homepage
In response to this understanding and these conditions we created - Baltimore's Black Business Directory with the objective of supporting Black Businesses and Black Consumers to connect with each other, with the following objects:

BmoreBlack.Com - Baltimore's Black Business Directory was created to bridge the gap between Black Businesses and Black Consumers

Why Use BmoreBlack.Com

Using BmoreBlack.Com has significant benefits for the Black Community, Black Businesses, and for the Black Economy. Money is like blood to a body; keeping it in the body, in this case the Black Community / Economy keeps it alive. When the community loses money, like the body losing blood, it can die. Using BmoreBlack.Com has the following benefits:
How to Use BmoreBlack.Com

Using BmoreBlack.Com is easy when you do the following:
Who Should Use BmoreBlack.Com

Everyone should use BmoreBlack.Com especially Black people. White people, (Caucasians), Asians and others should use it out of fairness in trade, since Black people spend billions more money and resource with Whites and Asians than they do with themselves and lots more than Whites or Asians spend with Black People.
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